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One power vs. another

One thing we all know is that media has a very powerful impact on people’s lives: it has the power to alter people’s perspective on a particular situation and give rise to strong emotions, particularly fear. As we all know, television media is the strongest tool used to achieve these goals, but even more powerful than that these days is social media. So much, in fact, that people get their latest news, gossip, and even research from Facebook. It’s so easy to write a strong emotional post to inform the masses of an event that happened, and have it spread like wildfire to everyone’s newsfeed. News of bad events and adverse circumstances are spread across the internet faster than anything, quickly altering people’s perceptions, viewpoints, and sometimes even logic, to the point that people start doubting themselves after seeing how many shares and thumbs up a post has received. Sometimes, without even considering for a moment the possibility that perhaps the news shared could have been written by a blogger with some spare time, demanding some attention to keep their creative juices flowing. This is not to say that this is always most certainly the case, but we all know it: Media is, and always will be, guilty of editing. Continue reading “One power vs. another”



Someone asked me why I had three dots before and after my tagline. Often when I share written works, whether my own or someone else’s, I like to place them in between the ellipses to symbolize the present moment. They are to serve as indicators and reminders that there is a past and a future surrounding the statement that one has just read – that they have walked in as another character in someone else’s journey of life long before they had made their acquaintance.

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Sometimes something that looks like an opportunity but doesn’t work out is just God’s way of instilling a little bit of hope and faith in you before you give up completely. An opportunity seems like it’s going to work out, it causes adrenaline to buildup and gives you the strength to get out of bed again another day to steer you away from hopelessness. Sometimes these opportunities are really just fillers in time to keep you alive because a certain time from now, it will be the right time for you to get what it is actually destined. Sometimes a seeming opportunity is just a means of staying alive another day and bridging the gap between the struggles of today and the answered prayers and granted wishes that are just around the corner.

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All We Want..


All we want is a little control Over our own lives
To find and collect and keep what elements we want and to discard the shards that etch into the soul and leave scars too difficult to fill
All we want is a sensation of being alive
To Jump and run and smile and cry
To feel a heartbeat against a chest that’s otherwise become hollow by giving away more of it than we really had

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When it Fades


A dim white light in the corner of four solid walls
Locked up with two haunted souls
A black cloud shrouds the place in darkness
Notes of fading melodies clinging to the cold winter winds
Empty walls with no stories to tell
Silhouettes of past memories linger in the dust just to be brushed away
Hands empty and shaking, lines cut and broken
A simple design grows bizarre and grotesque
A crystal ball with a hopeful future Lies shattered on cold deserted tiles in the midst of dancing footprints

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25 laps completed, on the road to 25 more,
And I don’t think I can do it, I swear to God
These legs are starting to lose their balance
Bent under the weight of this world..
Finding myself questioning once again
Going round and round in circles again
The voices in my head are coming to life again
what’s the point of this hollow soul roaming this forsaken world
“Smile sweetly, speak politely, grow quietly”..
And I promise you sweet child, no one will question when you’re gone
I promise no one will notice,
So hush, hush, hush

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“Forget generously those who cannot love us”


Pablo Neruda once said “forget generously those who cannot love us”.

Forget generously…..At first the idea sounded beautiful, elegant, even preferable to letting someone go with hatred in your heart. But that’s all it is and perhaps ever can be: an idea. Forgetting someone is difficult, especially if you remember their virtues. It takes pain and hate to forget someone. Forgetting someone calls upon the capacity to pick out an individual’s flaws, devalue them, remember their worst side and all the wrongs they did. Automatically that means forgetting the good memories, all of their personality traits which you fell in love with, all the ridiculous jokes, the times you held hands, the moments you kissed. You can only think one way at a time: positive or negative. And there is nothing generous about trying to forget someone. Forgetting someone requires staining their character. Continue reading ““Forget generously those who cannot love us””



Watch the day turn to night, as the darkness steals the day of light
Watch how the moon provides salvation to the tired and weary sun
Shining its light, holding it captive in its sweet release
And as a fallen leaf floats down the street,
letting the hues of firey orange cover the innocent green
Familiar words of an angel from heaven
echo in the silence that greet the cold and lonely night
“You are beautiful” she said
“You are black and you are white,
You are ugliness and splendor intertwined,

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